I can help you change yourself with this amazing self-help tool.
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Your EFT Sessions

Your EFT session will last 1.5 to 3 hours. (We take breaks if needed.) Tapping for that long is sure to get you results! We will start with your “presenting issue” and follow where that takes us. Usually we will find that the roots of this issue are unresolved emotions from your past. We will address the origins of these emotions — past events —  with EFT, clearing their grip on you.  Changes in your outlook, motivation, and mood are usually immediately apparent. Chronic negative thoughts, such as “I’m not lovable,” can often be changed in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional modalities.

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About Ann Smith

I find the fields of life coaching and the energy technique called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to be a powerful combination for change. My clients and I work together to explore their blocks that stop them from having the lives they want. We clean up the pain from their past that has drained their energy.  With EFT, my favorite tool for creating change, my clients achieve their goals more quickly than with traditional methods.

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My very first EFT session with Ann helped me unstick my mind and emotions and move on after the sad and sudden dissolution of my 22-year married relationship. I’ll admit I was skeptical about EFT and thought the session would likely be a frustrating and possibly embarrassing waste of time. Ann reassured me that it wouldn’t hurt me and could possibly help me. And wow, what a difference the first session and future sessions made on my emotional recovery! I immediately felt more clear minded and more positive about my life and future after working with Ann. She’s a highly talented listener, coach, and EFT therapist!

J.H., Bloomington, Indiana


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