An Example of Self-Tapping

I led a workshop last weekend on using EFT for self-care. We learned how to use EFT by ourselves for ourselves.

I had the opportunity to practice what I preach this week. I was upset because someone I rely on canceled her commitment to me because she said she was sick. My immediate reaction was suspicion and then that turned quickly anger.

Complaining to a few friends about her didn’t make me feel any less angry. I don’t know how often ranting, by itself, is helpful but ranting plus tapping IS helpful! So after some hours of having these uncomfortable feelings, I sat down to do some concentrated tapping about them.

The whole process took about 10 minutes. I say “process” deliberately. Tapping is a process. We start at A and we move to B and maybe beyond B. We never know where tapping will lead us but it does, indeed, lead us somewhere.

I started by saying to myself as I tapped, “Even though she said she was sick I don’t believe her and I’m feeling angry and suspicious, I accept myself and my feelings.”

Then I tapped on the acupressure points saying, “She lied to me about being sick and I’m angry!” “I don’t believe her story.” “I’m angry and suspicious!” It took about 6 rounds of repeating statements like those for me to feel significantly less suspicious and less angry.

New thoughts entered my head. I started to think about how much she has going on in her life and why she might not want to keep her commitment.

Now I started to feel guilty (a new feeling) for thinking she was lying. Maybe she was sick! Maybe in my anger for being left hanging I jumped to conclusions. The guilt lessened as I focused on these new thoughts and tapped round after round.

As the intensity of my feelings lessened, it was harder and harder to stay focused on the topic. My mind was wandering. This makes sense since strong emotions are riveting and mild ones aren’t!

In the end, I felt calm and was thinking, “I don’t know why she called in sick and when I see her next I can ask some clarifying questions to find out. I will give her the benefit of the doubt and be open to what she says.”

And that’s one example of self-tapping!