Are You Angry with Someone?


Are you angry with someone? I really enjoy helping a client overcome his/her intense negative feelings s/he has toward another person. With EFT, remarkable and predictable improvements are the norm.
This week I had this very opportunity to help “Carly” overcome her angry feelings toward a family member. She had been feeling this anger for several years. Even though she had talked and talked about it with different people, explaining the events that started the negative feelings and the ensuing events that cemented the anger, nothing had shifted her feelings like a 45-minute EFT session. Carly couldn’t believe it! The insights she had gained through talking just hadn’t healed her emotionally. She was surprised by the effectiveness of good ol’ tapping.
The best way to test our results would be for Carly to see the family member in person and take note of her feelings while in the relative’s presence. But since they’re estranged that’s not possible. Another test, which we used, is to think about the family member, focusing on different aspects such as how she talks, her facial expressions, or the actions that resulted in Carly’s hurt and anger.
Now when Carly thinks about her, she no longer feels those pangs. She sees her relative as an insecure person with her own issues. Even though Carly knew before that she had done all she could to remedy the situation (to no avail), now she has a new peace that she had not felt before.
Since Carly can still imagine a scenario when she will be forced to be in this person’s presence and she isn’t sure she won’t react, we have a little more work to do. No problem! Even though this situation hasn’t happened yet, we can still use her imagination to effectively prepare her for that encounter. Chances are excellent that by tapping today about her fears of the future, the future that Carly fears will never happen. Instead, she can “tap herself into” a new mindset that will be here now and in the future when she needs it.
If you feel anger, resentment, hate, revulsion, or criticalness toward another person and want to move beyond that, contact me for an EFT session!