About Ann Smith

I find the fields of life coaching and the energy technique called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to be a powerful combination for change. My clients and I work together to explore their blocks that stop them from having the lives they want. We clean up the pain from their past that has drained their energy.  With EFT, my favorite tool for creating change, my clients achieve their goals more quickly than with traditional methods.

I have endless curiosity and an ability to delve below the surface.  I’m very patient and when my clients grow and change, I’m on the top of the world! This truly brings me joy.

I learned about Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) in my life coaching program in 2005. Presented as a tool to help clients get past their blocks to success, I soon discovered how much more EFT could do. I began to use EFT with any client who was distraught, afraid, confused, in pain, blocked — just about everyone!

 I was certified in EFT Founder Gary Craig’s training program (Cert-I) and then attended EFT  Master Lindsay Kenny’s trainings, becoming certified as a Pro-EFT Practitioner. I am now an Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques (AAMET) Accredited, Certified EFT Master Trainer and Advanced Practitioner. I regularly offer AAMET  trainings. 
Locally, I teach classes on the application of EFT every semester at Ivy Tech  Community College’s Lifelong Learning Center. I also offer Tapping Circles and other EFT opportunities.

I reside in Indiana where Mike, my husband of many years, and I raised 5 daughters. When my children were younger, I taught parenting classes, co-facilitated a speakers’ series on parenting, and co-founded a natural food family co-op and a babysitting co-op. (Mike passed away in 2019 after some years of battling Parkinson’s.) 

I earned a B.A. in philosophy and comparative literature from Indiana University and studied graduate-level transpersonal counseling at John F. Kennedy University in California. I was a trained domestic relations and community mediator before graduating from Coach for Life, an accredited life coaching program.

For physical and spiritual health, I enjoy long distance bicycling, CrossFit , Overeaters Anonymous and Unity (my church where I served on the Board of Trustees for five years, two as President). I love spending time with women — my sisters and many women friends. Now that our daughters have flown the coop, I visit them wherever they land and that has taken me all over the world! I have grandchildren, now, and they bring out the kid in me!