Do the Results of Tapping Last?

There are many, many examples of tapping having permanent results. To increase the likelihood of this happening, we need to pay attention to the aspects(parts) of an issue. If we can identify and tap to a low intensity (0 or 1 out of 10) all of the aspects, then there is a high probability that the issue will not return.

Here is an example. My daughter Julie was “very nervous” (her words) about Basil, her dog, suffering in the hold of the airplane when they moved from the US to London.

Instead of tapping on the general words, “I’m very nervous,” we identified what Julie was nervous about—the aspects of her nervousness.

Julie was nervous that:
  • Basil would be scared being in a cage since he didn’t like cages.
  • Basil would be upset because he didn’t like men and men would be handling his cage.

When those aspects no longer bothered her after tapping, Julie was feeling angry that:
  • other people weren’t as nervous as she was. Not being nervous would mean she didn’t love Basil.
  • Julie had been unable to give Basil a sedative due to airlines rules.

After tapping those aspects to a low intensity, Julie was worried that she would not be able to relax for the entire, multi-hour flight, wondering how Basil was doing in the hold of the plane. After tapping, Julie decided that Basil would sleep for much of the flight.

By the end of the hour-long tapping session, Julie was calm and could not get nervous even when she tuned into the different aspects. The real test, of course, would be the day of the move.

After the flight to London, Julie reported that she had remained calm or only slightly nervous during the days before the flight. The day of the move, she had been fine until the plane began to take off. We had not addressed the aspect of how Basil would react to the loud noise. She choked up and was bothered for 3-5 minutes. Once the plane leveled off, her nervousness went away.

It took many questions and tapping to uncover all the aspects of this issue. Then it took many rounds of tapping on each one, being as specific as possible, to release Julie’s nervousness, worry, and anger. But once tapped thoroughly, Julie was not nervous except during the take-off.

And, by the way, when Julie was reunited with Basil, he was perfectly fine, wagging his tail and sniffing around — which is what beagles do best!