EFT and Uncomfortable Feelings

Most of us are very skilled at not feeling feelings that are uncomfortable. We do our best, usually unconsciously, to just not feel them.

We might use distractions (surfing the internet, binge watching shows, shopping, etc) or overuse substances (food, alcohol, drugs, etc). If we aren’t unconsciously avoiding them by those means, we might convince ourselves that those feelings don’t exist in us. For example, instead of feeling embarrassed, we may feel anger.  It’s harder to admit embarrassment than to lash out at someone.

In truth, we often are feeling more than one feeling about an event or a person and sometimes they contradict each other. That’s hard to make sense of and we push down or ignore some of them – or all of them.

With EFT we strive to focus on just one feeling as we tap. As we do so, we often become aware of other feelings. It is best to tap on all of them, one by one. If tapping by ourselves, we can write them down as we uncover them and tap for each one. Sometimes we need help from a practitioner to keep them all straight!

When we “tap away” each uncomfortable feeling that we have about an issue, we greatly increase our chances to experience complete and permanent relief from that issue. That is always our goal.