From Anger to Calm with EFT

Recently I was feeling a lot of irritability toward a loved one. Everything he did was rubbing me the wrong way! I had a very short fuse and was frequently raising my voice, feeling frustrated and irritable.
This is not like me!
After a few days of that, I sat down and started tapping, “Even though I feel so irritable when he does ____, …” (Remember, we tap voicing the truth as it appears in the moment.) “I hate it when he does ____!” “I wish he would stop doing ____!” “Everything he does is bothering me!” “I can’t stop feeling this way!”
It only took about 3 rounds of ranting like this before I began to feel a new emotion—sadness.  Soon I was crying! I was sad that I was acting this way toward him but I was also sad he was acting the way he was!  Sad because I don’t like how things have changed. Sad that I don’t want to be this way and that it’s hardnot to be this way.
When I started crying I just tapped without words. Crying means you are in touch with your feelings and the point of using words is to get in touch so no words were necessary.
I kept tapping and crying until I felt better. Calmer. I was no longer feeling angry and at that moment not very sad, either. This tapping took no more than 10 minutes.
I got up and went about the day. A few days later I realized my normal, calmer, self had returned! I hadn’t felt irritable or angry at him at all since the tapping!
Of course he noticed, too, and thanked me for being nice to him again!  Thanks to EFT I was able to shift back to normalcy to everyone’s relief!