From Blah to Content in Minutes

I love to hear about “one minute wonders” in the EFT world. Those are quick turn arounds in feelings or attitudes that take place with only a little bit of tapping.

“Theresa” was looking forward to a new baby and a new job that were both approaching in several months. However, she found herself feeling “blah” in her current job. But she liked her job and she didn’t want to spend the next few months pining for the future and not appreciating how good life was NOW.

Theresa, like many of us, use tapping as needed and since she had learned to use EFT when she had uncomfortable feelings, it occurred to her to tap.

She focused on her thoughts and feelings just as she was feeling them in the moment. She didn’t worry about finding the “right words” because she knew the right words were the ones she was already thinking.

Within less than 5 minutes, Theresa was no longer feeling blah. In fact, she felt a deep sense of contentment, not only for her present situation but also looking forward to her future.

When she relayed this story to me, Theresa was amazed—again!—at how quickly tapping can work and how profound the results can be.

Theresa was fortunate to have such quick, positive results but not all feelings yield so quickly to tapping. One minute wonders, though common, are not necessarily the rule. Complex issues take a lot more tapping and often the guidance of a skilled practitioner.

Nevertheless, there are many, many feelings that do yield quickly to the magic of tapping and giving an uncomfortable feeling 5 minutes of tapping is well worth your effort.

May your tapping bring quick, lasting results!