EFT for Everything Else!

Do you have an annoying coworker? Does your neighbor’s dog’s incessant barking drive you crazy? Are you frustrated by your adult child’s lack of initiative in life? Do you dread speaking at your Toastmaster’s group? Are you ashamed of how much ice cream you ate last night? Are you avoiding an overwhelming project or making a difficult phone call?

EFT is great at helping with the most common everyday problems. Anything that you find uncomfortable, from the most trivial to the most difficult, is a “tappable topic.”

I love to explore issues with EFT. It’s surprising what happens when we tap. Often there are new insights, ah-ha moments, relief and comfort, and peace. Many times new layers are uncovered that help us heal even more deeply than we thought was possible.

Having facilitated thousands of EFT sessions, I’ve seen so much progress on so many issues — physical, emotional and mental.

If you are wondering if I can help you with your issue, contact me by phone or email and let’s chat (for free) to determine if we would make a good team to address your it. Since I can meet with you by phone or Skype, we are not limited to my geographical area (Bloomington, IN).