Make Peace With Your Past

Have you made peace with your past? What does that mean?

Pick up some imaginary binoculars and turn around. Look back in time to your childhood. Then your adolescence. Then your teen years. Then through each decade to the present.

As you gaze through those binoculars, search for painful memories. Ouch! The time your father did … what to you? The time your sibling did … what to you? The time your mother did … what to you? Other relatives? Your classmates? Your friend? Teachers? Someone else?

Maybe, through those binoculars, you’re seeing instead what they didn’t do, things that wanted them to do. Such as holding you, encouraging you, loving you, forgiving you, understanding you, hugging you, …

Maybe you see things that you did to them.

Or things you didn’t do that you wish you had done …

Do you see through your binoculars the times when things were unfair? When accidents happened? When bad things happened that you didn’t deserve?

When you think of all these times, what do you feel now? Are these memories charged with a negative feeling? Do they make you feel angry, sad, hurt, resentful, hate, jealous, afraid, shut down, ashamed, regret, …

We often want to forget these memories and we learn how to not think about them. You may be saying, “Get rid of those binoculars! I don’t want to see those things again!”

But what is the toll we pay when we bury our painful memories? Are they really gone or sleeping quietly in hibernation? Or are they alive and well and festering and metastasizing?

Science shows that unresolved stress takes its toll whether we’re aware of it or not. We are more susceptible to physical and mental illness when we don’t address these buried feelings. They aren’t gone. They are silently robbing us of energy and good health.

Fortunately, Emotional Freedom Techniques is the prefect tool to address these feelings and memories. It’s gentle and does not re-traumatize. With me as your experienced EFT practitioner, you can get relief from them even without naming the memory! You never have to articulate any memory that causes you to wince or turn away with pain.

My passion is to help you be at peace with your past. That means that you can look through those binoculars, screen the horizon for pain, grief, anger, resentment, embarrassment, shame, regret, fear … you name it … and there will be nothing there. You will see a calm, quiet horizon. No unfinished business, nothing that you will regret on your deathbed.

Is it worth the effort to unbury your painful past? I can speak for myself and countless clients. Our experience is that the energy that was once stored in our painful memories is now free to move. There is a lightness, maybe even boredom, with that memory. It no longer takes any toll on our energy and health.

Imagine the emotional freedom, the openness you would experience in your life, the renewed energy you would regain. Is this hard to imagine? I’m not surprised if it is.

If you’re interested in making peace with even one memory, I invite you to try an EFT session with me. One session. We’ll tackle a painful memory in the gentlest of ways and neutralize it. You will be relieved of its pain. You will look at it and it will feel distant, like someone else’s memory. It may appear black and white. It’s a weird experience but it’s a welcome one. And you will feel lighter, relieved, more peaceful.

That’s my experience and that of so many other users of EFT and its amazing ability to heal. Contact me and try it out!