Spreading EFT Around the World

As far back as August of 2006, now over 11 years ago, I sat in a sea of 400 people from all over the world, attending an EFT conference in Denver in which Gary was the main attraction. I was amazed to see the widespread interest in EFT. At that time I predicted that EFT would be a household word in 5 years. I was wrong. It has taken longer but now it is not rare to hear people talk about tapping. One thing is for sure—it was not a fad destined to fade away after a short-lived hey day.

Who do we have to thank for its renown and growing popularity?

Of course, it starts with EFT’s founder, Gary Craig. He launched his website, www.emofree.com in 1995. He offered EFT with an “open hand policy,” encouraging people to learn and use this simple technique—for free. Its popularity spread the good word of EFT around the world. It once offered Gary’s The EFT Manual as a free download. (It’s still available in bookstores and online.) This site features 3,000 articles submitted by practitioners and lay people describing the effects tapping has had on every issue imaginable (https://www.emofree.com/eft-article-archive.html).

Gary also demonstrated the art of EFT on the many videos he produced, showing him work with individuals and groups. Many people, including myself, cut their teeth on these original recordings (VHS tapes at that time!). Gary’s website was the source of all things EFT back then.

About the time Gary retired, along came Nick and Jessica Ortner onto the EFT scene—in a big way. In 2007 Nick and his sister, Jessica, teamed up with others to produce the movie, “The Tapping Solution” (https://www.thetappingsolution.com/eft-tapping-film/). It’s a full-length film showing 10 people, from all over the country, spending a long weekend in Connecticut tapping with several EFT practitioners. During the intense weekend, all 10 received tapping help for their assorted issues. These ranged from Fibromyalgia to sugar cravings to traumatic memories. Six months later, 7 of the 10 returned to tell how their lives had permanently changed to the better because of that weekend of tapping.

Streaming EFT around the world, the Ortners have hosted The Tapping World Summit annually for the last 10 years.(https://www.thetappingsolution.com/blog/tapping-world-summit-2018/). This is a live, 10-day, free, online event in which Jessica interviews 2 EFT experts every day on given topics. To date, over 1 million people have attended the Summit.

Besides the film and the Summit, the Tapping Solutions team has raised over 1 million dollars for tapping-related charities. Some of these aid genocide orphans in Rwanda, Africa (www.projectlightrwanda.com), help veterans with PTSD (www.stressproject.org), and support the community of Newtown CT after the shooting at Sand Hook Elementary School in 2013 (www.tappingsolutionfoundation.org).

Nick has been interviewed by Dr. Oz, and most recently by Megyn Kelly on The Today Show. (You can watch it here.)

When someone tells me today he or she is reading “that tapping book,” they are usually referring to Nick’s book, The Tapping Solution (2013), not Gary’s The EFT Manual.

This may sound like a commercial for the work of Gary Craig and the Ortners. But it is really a thank you to them for being so generous at spreading the good word of EFT. I wouldn’t be writing this newsletter and you wouldn’t be reading it if it weren’t for either Gary, the Ortners or both!