Talking While Tapping

Two EFT experts who live in Australia, Steve Wells and Dr. David Lake, are the first people I know you advocated tapping while just talking. In fact, I have read that they ask their clients to tap during their entire EFT sessions, even when they aren’t doing the EFT protocol.

Dr. Lake noticed that the more tapping he did with clients in a session the better results the sessions yielded. He said, “I came to the idea that the more sequences you could initiate in a session, the more thorough the result. […] I thought: ‘Why stop when you’re on a good thing?’ From there it was a simple step to asking the client to tap on EFT points whenever they were telling me of their reactions to the EFT sequences, or when they felt intense, or had insights spontaneously in the session. In this way, the majority of the session was filled with point stimulation.”

Why would EFT be useful while just talking?

Tapping is relaxing in itself. I find that between tapping rounds in which I’m leading my client, there is often enough emotion being felt that it is useful to keep tapping. Besides keeping the emotions manageable, tapping can help uncover new aspects.

You don’t have to tap on all the points while talking. Some people have a favorite point that just feels better than the others. Tapping on just this one point continuously is useful. If you don’t have a favorite spot, the karate chop point, on the fleshy side of the hand, is an easy place to tap.

In my practice, I don’t ask my client to continuously tap during every EFT session but it is something I do occasionally depending on the topic and the level of emotion.

I also benefit when I continuously tap while my client talks. I stay centered and calm. EFT relaxes me, too!