My very first EFT session with Ann helped me unstick my mind and emotions and move on after the sad and sudden dissolution of my 22-year married relationship. I’ll admit I was skeptical about EFT and thought the session would likely be a frustrating and possibly embarrassing waste of time. Ann reassured me that it wouldn’t hurt me and could possibly help me. And wow, what a difference the first session and future sessions made on my emotional recovery! I immediately felt more clear minded and more positive about my life and future after working with Ann. She’s a highly talented listener, coach, and EFT therapist!

J.H., Bloomington, Indiana


~ * ~ * ~

I’m grateful to have EFT to reach for in my toolbox of coping mechanisms. I’m especially grateful to Ann for teaching me how to use EFT, introducing me to the idea of accepting myself and my feelings, and for her example of what it is to be authentic and genuine as a person.

Ann is super to work with. She’s kind, empathetic, and non-judgmental, yet would call me out on my “bullshit” in a way that never made me feel shameful. (I’m big into avoidance behavior) In our sessions together, I felt I could share my deepest, most hidden thoughts with her without feeling shamed. I learned shaming myself was something I struggled with most of my life.

One of the biggest lessons I learned from tapping is the importance of those words, “I accept myself and all my feelings.” I can be my own worst critic and sometimes talked to myself horribly. I’d never want to be around someone who spoke to me the way I spoke to myself, nor would I ever speak to anyone else that way. That’s not to say there weren’t people who spoke to me negatively in my life, because there were. And their voices sometimes sound in my head to validate my negative feelings. Through tapping I learned to recognize this. I learned to state my thoughts and feelings and tap through to the root causes of many of the negative feelings I held onto. I learned to recognize the triggers that could lead me down dark pathways in my mind.

One of my favorite ways to numb my negative feelings is with food — lots of cookies, cakes, and anything that’s cheezie! Of course, bingeing on sweets and fatty foods only perpetuates the negative self talk cycle. Ann has helped me immensely in this battle. EFT is an excellent tool in the war against food addiction.

One battle we fought against and won is chocolate cravings. I’d make brownies for the kids for after school, sample the batter, and eat a good portion myself. If I didn’t have brownies, I’d just eat chocolate chips out of the bag. Whatever I could find. One day we tapped on chocolate. We tapped and pointed out everything about chocolate — how delicious it is, how readily available it is, how it melts in my mouth, how chocolate is part of childhood, a special treat, how sweet it is, how it takes my mind off everything else, and then to how maybe I don’t feel so good afterward. After a few rounds of tapping, I had no desire for chocolate at all.

I have to repeat this exercise from time to time, but it works. Tapping works on everything.

The more tapping I did with Ann, the less intense my battles with certain food, such as sweets and baked goods, became. I got to where when someone would bring donuts to work, instead of reaching for one, I’d just think about tapping, or maybe do a round on the side of my fingers, and just say no, thank you. The best part is saying no to donuts and other goodies and not feeling deprived or like I’m missing out on something. It’s not big deal. What a nice feeling!

Sometimes now, I admit, if I’m in a dark place I choose not to tap. I choose to feel sorry for myself and give in to the cravings, to the dark side. But I can’t do it for long because it doesn’t feel right, because I know how well EFT works. I know I have a choice, and EFT can help me choose what’s good for me, what I really want to do, and quell the negativity in my mind.

Thank you, Ann, for this wonderful gift!

L.S. Indiana

~ * ~ * ~

Ann, I just wanted to let you know about my progress! First of all, when I sit quietly and breathe, I feel a tremendous sense of well-being. I can actually feel healing energy and positive vibrations in my body. It’s so cool!

My chronic fatigue level has gone from 7-8 to about a 2 or less. My pain level has gone from 7-9 to about 4, and when I am aware and breathe, I can get it to 0. I stopped eating popcorn without even thinking about it or craving it at all. I’m taking 1/2 the amount of my antidepressant and feel more present and alive.

I’ve come to several realizations as well. I hope to have time to come see you soon to talk about those. I am so grateful that you held my feet to the fire to face some of the issues, yet did so in a way that I felt safe. You are so very gifted with tapping and counseling. So, I’m just sending you affirmation and thanks today.

C.W., Columbus, Indiana

~ * ~ * ~

Hi, Ann! I was feeling very tired after the session and the next day too. I know by now that this is the detox process and that I needed to be patient. Yes, I did notice the difference in my speech – although the jamming words together has not dissipated completely, it is much less noticeable and also, it is easier for me to control it.

I even started to be more patient with speaking slower and not rushing to express all my thoughts at once. In other words, the session with you helped and I am thinking I’ll do another one with you sometime later.

Also, “the lock jaw” feeling softened while tapping and visualizing it. Right after that visualization I felt relaxed and was able to speak easier. Visualization and tapping are powerful things! You can now advertise helping speech impediments on your web page! Thank you very much!

O.Y., Bloomington, Indiana