When Should You Consult an EFT Practitioner?

One of EFT’s selling points is that it is a self-help tool. Many – maybe most — people tap on their own and get good results, meaning they feel better. So why might you need an EFT practitioner to help you tap? What can you expect from a session with a practitioner?

Here are 3 reasons that may warrant a consultation with an EFT practitioner.

Reason 1. You aren’t getting the results you want from tapping on yourself.

I have clients who have made a lot of progress on their own but one issue won’t budge. Maybe it’s too painful or too complicated. No matter how much they tap on their own, they don’t feel better. A practitioner can see the intricacies of the problem. It’s important to tap on all the aspects to get lasting results. Guiding you through all the parts and testing to make sure you are clearing the issue completely is an important job of a practitioner.

Being specific while tapping produces the longest lasting results. Getting specific is something you may need help with, too. Many self-tappers use tap-along videos or tap to scripts. But these are too general and can’t zero in on your specific issue, no matter how skillful the teacher is.

No doubt, there are discouraged people who tried EFT by themselves and gave up on it because it didn’t work. With the help of a practitioner, you can learn how to improve your tapping skills and you’ll probably be surprised how much EFT can help.

Reason 2. You want to get a new kind of help for an old problem.

Some problems, physical or emotional, are chronic. Maybe you’ve tried doctors or therapists but you still don’t feel good enough. Sometimes tapping can make a difference.

Some problems that respond well to EFT are traumatic memories and phobias. Also, anxiety, relationship issues, and low self-esteem can be improved with tapping. Performance issues, such as in music, acting, public speaking, or athletics can also improve with the one-on-one help of an EFT practitioner.

Reason 3. You just want to have your own teacher when it comes to learning EFT.

There are many ways to learn how to tap now. The Internet is teaming with videos. There are many websites. Gary Craig, EFT founder, has a good website: www.emofree.com. There are books, podcasts, and the annual, online Tapping World Summit hosted by the folks behind this website: https://www.thetappingsolution.com.

But some people prefer to learn from a teacher in the room or in a virtual room, like Skype or Zoom. This is a good use of a practitioner, too.

No matter what your situation, please consider using an EFT practitioner if you aren’t getting the results you want from tapping by yourself!