When Tapping Opens Pandora’s Box

Years ago, one of my EFT students excitedly introduced EFT to her friend. She knew her friend could benefit from tapping on her problems. The next thing I knew the student contacted me to say her friend was very upset as a result of their tapping. Could I help?

When I talked to the friend, she said she became aware from the tapping how deeply unhappy she was in her marriage. But this awareness was not welcomed. She was not prepared to change anything. Tapping had opened Pandora’s box and what she saw in the box was not pleasant.

It’s hard to shut the lid once the contents are revealed.

Since then a number of people have contacted me for EFT help because they inadvertently uncovered deeper issues from tapping. One source of these clients has been the Tapping World Summit, produced by Nick and Jessica Ortner.

This annual, online event attracted 600,000 attendees in 2017. The Ortners have advanced the popularity of EFT like no else has! During the Summit, EFT experts are interviewed by Jessica and then they offer a “tap-along” script. The expert leads the tapping on an issue with Jessica echoing the words as the client. The attendees, who are on their computers all over the world, are encouraged to tap along.

Tap-alongs or tapping scripts, though popular, are by definition general in nature. Some people have reported being helped by following along with a generically-worded script but the scripts are not designed to be specific to a person and that limits their effectiveness. And they can also open up someone’s Pandora’s box of pain.

People have contacted me and said that tapping along with the EFT expert and Jessica made them feel worse, not better. Now they were aware of once unconscious thoughts or feelings. And they weren’t pleasant.

EFT has an uncanny ability to peel that proverbial onion. I like to say it peels it as if it’s on steroids. In the safety of an EFT session it’s a welcomed opportunity if we unearth an underlying belief or feeling or memory that can help us move toward healing. But when it happens while tapping alone it can be disconcerting at best or, at the other extreme, very scary.

What do you do if you’ve opened Pandora’s box?

First, don’t focus on the upsetting things that have appeared. Instead, tap as many rounds as necessary to feel calmer without using words. If you like to say comforting things such as, “I’m OK,” “I’m safe,” that is fine. The tapping on acupressure points usually creates relaxation.

Then, if you choose to clear the stuff that came out of the box, so to speak, get professional help. Choose someone you trust to help you release the negativity. It doesn’t have to be an EFT practitioner although an experienced EFT practitioner can harness the power of EFT and at the same time guide you safely and gently through your issues.