Why Make Peace With Your Past?

Think about your past for a moment.Do you have secrets that you’re too ashamed to tell?Are you holding a grudge?

  • Are there events that you wish had never happened?
  • Are there people you wish you’d never known?
  • Are their institutions that you wish had never influenced you?
  • Do you have regrets about your past actions or inactions?
  • Do you blame yourself for something and have not forgiven yourself?
  • Is there someone you never intend to forgive?
  • Do you live in fear because of trauma from your past?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, then you are not at peace with your past.

I believe most of us are not at peace with our pasts. We learn to repress pieces of it, ignore it, and hope it doesn’t interfere with today. Doesn’t everyone do this?

But we can’t ignore that bothersome stuff from our pasts, try as we may. We are reminded of it by events, persons, or things that pop up in our present life.

EFT claims it is possible to make peace with the past. “But,” you might ask, “why should I?”

EFT’s founder, Gary Craig, called his technique “Emotional Freedom Techniques” for a reason. He encourages us to aspire to freedom from negative emotions, self-doubt, grief, anger, and memories of abuse. He writes we can have freedom to excel in every endeavor, from perfecting a golf swing to making cold calls. He proposes that we strive for freedom from anxiety. Gary urges us to be free from intense fears and phobias, PTSD, depression, guilt, and addictive cravings.

And on a positive note, Gary writes that we can have “freedom to express love easily and walk upon this planet with grace and confidence” (The EFT Manual by Gary Craig, pp. 25-26).

So my answer to the question, “Why should I make peace with my past?” is that in doing so you will free up the energy that is being used to repress it, letting it flow into positive actions. Everything that has contributed to pain in your past can be healed with EFT. And when healed, you will feel a new lightness, see new possibilities for your future, and experience peace in the present.